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These are some common questions we get asked:

Do I have to come to your office to be interviewed for the CV? No. Most of our interviews take place over the telephone and we are able to record them to ensure we use the information correctly.

Do I have to pay before seeing the CV? Because of the amount of fraud in society, yes, you do have to process a payment first. This is done through PayPal, a global internet bank. A cheque is still acceptable if you prefer. We arrange an invoice to be sent to your e-mail address via PayPal. Your processing of the payment becomes the official order for our services. The payment is safe and you're guaranteed a full refund (chargeback) if you're not fully satisfied.  (We are also assured that you are able to pay, so it's a win-win situation.)

What happens if I'm not happy with the CV or Cover Letter? Just tell us what you feel needs amending and we will immediately amend it. We send draft copies first so that you can tell us if there are any inaccuracies. After 15 years and hundreds of clients, we've achieved 100% success!

Can someone else use my credit or debit card details if I pay over the internet? No. PayPal is a long-established financial institution that specialises in secure online payments for businesses. It has wide global acceptance. You will not be charged extra and all your details are secure.

Can I update the CV myself in the future, if I want to? Yes, you can. We send the CV in MS Word and pdf formats. If you have a word processor on your computer you should be able to make amendments to it yourself. (However, many clients utilise our half-price CV Update service for future updates. As we keep a copy of your CV in our files, this is both easy and cost effective as well as saving you a lot of time.)


Below are a few tips for being successful at interview. We hope they will be useful.


Job applicants look forward to getting an invitation to a job interview, yet dread the idea of attending one! These mixed emotions often lead to stress and anxiety. Going to interviews is definitely not an easy undertaking, but there are ways to improve preparation and reduce stress.

First, plan things in advance in your head. Imagine yourself preparing, going, and attending the interview. If you do this, then on the day of the real interview you won't have to think what to do next, you'll just know.

Second, prepare for the interview using our CD-ROM. With this you can practice on your computer being in the interview and answering all their questions, including their toughest ones, correctly. The answers will come straight to your mind on the day! You're bound to impress them!

Third, have a good night's sleep before the interview so that you will wake up fresh and optimistic. It's all in your head. Don't dread the interview. Instead, look forward to meeting your new co-workers.

Fourth, make sure you arrive to your interview a little early. Nothing is more stressful than running late on interview day and having to justify yourself.

We hope these tips will help you land the job you want. Best wishes!