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The cover letter is the mechanism you use to dress up a CV, prove your worth to a company, and urge the prospective employer to make that call to set up an interview. Yet, despite its importance, many people still post CV's without them. These half-dressed job applications send the message that an applicant is lazy, unprofessional ... and not very interested in the job. Bam! Right in the bin.

Powerhouse Cover letters: Not any old cover letter, either ...

A cover letter is much more than just an introduction to the CV. Actually, the name "cover letter" does little justice to this highly strategic piece of marketing. It really should be called an "Interview Generating Letter" because, like the CV, its purpose is to impress an employer so he'll call you for an interview.

The winning cover letter does not ramble on ... it is extremely focused ... and it completely supports the specific job objective of the CV. And, like the CV, it has a secret underlying structure which induces a prospective employer to take action on both a conscious and subconscious level.

So, for you to take advantage of our expertise in creating a professional, winning cover letter for you, click on 'Prices', fill in our client information form and simply request one. You can obtain a cover letter for a specific job vacancy or obtain one as a template to utilise for different situations. Our consultant, Mike James, will contact you to get all the necessary information.

If you have any questions you can speak to us direct on 01476 566323 or 0845 610 6491, or e-mail us on sales@cv-united-kingdom.com