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The letters 'CV' are an abbreviation for 'Curriculum Vitae', which is latin for  'Course of Life'. A professional CV, however, is more than just a summary of your life course. It is an important marketing tool essential to get you noticed by a prospective employer. 

A CV is basically a summary of a person's educational qualifications, skills, and employment history.

However, a powerful, winning CV is not an autobiography, and it has a much more serious function than just to inform. It has to grab a prospective employer's attention so that he puts you on the top of his list of suitable candidates for a job vacancy.

This is where CV-UK come in. Anyone can type a CV of some sort but if you want to make it to the interview stage you need to know the power elements that make a CV jump out and scream: "Hiring me will be the best decision that you'll make!"

Remember, an employer will take only 30 seconds to scan a CV - and make a decision on it! We make sure that your CV will be the one that will grab his attention.

So how do you go about getting one? Click on 'Prices' and choose which particular CV applies to you. Then contact us by e-mail, telephone or client information form. When we have heard from you our consultant, Mike James, will discuss with you your history and objective, and ensure we obtain all the necessary information to create a powerful, winning CV.